Going Whole Hog

As part of their Artisan Series in April, Medlock Ames hosted a masterclass in pig butchery—snout to tail and belly to feet so to speak—held in the great outdoors, just steps away from the tasting room on a sunny Saturday afternoon. What better way to celebrate the wonders of Gleason Ranch—our local meat heroes—and showcase the sharp-knives of Sonoma County chefs? Only a few eyebrows were raised when 20 inquisitive souls took cleaver in hand, donned aprons and prepared to be schooled in the breakdown of whole beasts…raised with care and love by Nancy Prebilich of Gleason Ranch. Dino Bugica (local favorite Diavola) and Rian Rinn (ex El Bulli no less) led a class of food lovers, keen amateur chefs and loyal followers of the winery in an amazing afternoon. After four hours of labor, the last cut was wrapped, and a few glasses raised to celebrate the end of a breakthrough day. A couple choice cuts even made it to the wood-fired oven for some end of day edibles. Tasting room visitors were fascinated by the class they happened upon and asked to be included in the next event: charcuterie and sausage seminar in the fall perhaps? We hope so.

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