Edible Stories

edible stories

Behold the fruits of our labor – CORDIAL holiday gifts.  Edible stories.

Ruby Red Marmalade
A bushel of Texan grapefruits arrived unexpectedly one day and were turned into marmalade as part of a sharecropping experiment.   We’ve enjoyed this with almost anything – from slow-braised pork to grilled salmon and everything in between – but nothing can touch it with toast and a cup of tea.

CORDIAL Cordials
The essence of the season: mint, lemon verbena and pomegranate picked and foraged from our gardens.  Add some life to sparkling wine, water or a martini.  Better yet – experiment and send your suggestions our way.  CORDIAL in a glass.

Apple Chutney
The final fruits of the season – foraged by us and transformed into uber tastiness by our friends at our local community kitchen – Community Action Marin.  A failsafe method of enriching any sandwich but excellent with some great cheddar.  Simple pleasures.

This CORDIAL selection of Coco Delice favorites represents the end results of extensive (but not at all exhaustive) tasting.  Incredible chocolates from our favorite bay area chocolatier.

Green fig preserve (groenvy heelkonfyt)


The English name is easier to grasp than the South African, but regardless of pronunciation, this is my new favorite way to eat figs. When I visited Stellenbosch and the little Karoo earlier this year to look at School Garden Projects, I quickly became obsessed with the jars of preserved figs that appeared on tables as an accompaniment to a diverse range of dishes. I managed to pry the recipe out of an African Granny and scurried home to try it out. It takes time to prepare but delivers something unique that puts early season unripe figs to great use. Groenvy Heelkonfyt trumps any fig dish I’ve eaten. Ever. I’m sworn to secrecy on my ill-gotten recipe but you can find something similar here.


VERGE Wine Cellars is a boutique wine producer dedicated to making expressive Syrah from organic and biodynamic vineyards throughout the North Coast. VERGE hunts down—and spotlights—dynamic vineyard blocks, and like-minded growers doing great things. Winemaker Mike Brunson, a Sonoma County leader in advocating organic viticulture, uses native, wild yeast and minimal handling to produce brooding, madly aromatic Syrah.

Ongoing brand development is a highly collaborative process between us, our partners, and a lineup of wickedly-talented artists. And yes, there is an album in the works…

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